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Full-Stack developer

In the past 10+ years of my career I've worked all over the stack, from the front end all the way to DevOps and system design.


As a web developer, I have experience with frameworks like React and Ember to build large scale applications. In my professional experience, I have aquired the following skills:

  • I'm trained in designing interfaces that are compliant with WCAG 2.
  • I'm proficient with both JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • I've created D3 visualization components for data analysis.

I also have some experience with Dart and Flutter to build mobile applications for personal projects.


As a Java developer (and as a back-end developer in general), I've worked in enterprise and large, distributed applications for 5+ years. I the past few years, I have:

  • Used frameworks like Spring, Maven, Gradle, and Play.
  • Integrated with databases like PosgreSQL, MongoDB and Neo4J.
  • Deployed Spring Boot and NodeJS Express based applications to Docker containers.
  • Integrated Java micro-services services with cloud-hosted services like AWS RDS.

I recently wrote a book about back-end development: "Backend Developer in 30 Days".

Software Developer

Personal Projects

I like to learn new technologies and I'm constantly involved in trainings and hackathons. These are a few of the technologies I've tried outside my day job.

  • Hackathon: Developed an embedded application with Golang to retrieve pictures from a Raspberry Pi and send them to AWS Rekognition for facial recognition.

  • Created a blog about Serverless applications, hosted at Medium.

  • Hackathon: Developed an Angular application to visualize relationships between people stored in a Neo4J database, and displaying the data through a D3 data graph

Masters in Machine Learning

Oct 2019 to May 2022

Georgia Institute of Technology

Projects created on school assignments

    • Created models for regression and classification using Python and scikit-learn
      • Built a classification model for a medical dataset to predict whether or not a patient is at risk of a stroke.
      • Built a logistic regression model to predict business revenue based on past sales.
    • Built a couple of reinforcement agents to solve mini-games:
      • Pole-balancing problem
      • Variations of a grid world.
    • Built a convolutional neural netowrk with both Tensorflow and Pytorch to solve the following problems:
      • Image classification.
      • Style transfer.
    • Build data visualization tools with D3 and used Tableau integrating with CVS files and PostgreSQL