Here is a list of personal projects I'm either currently working on or have worked on them in the past. The list is not comprehensive and not all projects are production ready.

Led by an effort to reduce the footprint of web-based application development, I started working on lean-jsx as an alternative to JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular and traditional server-defined templating solutions.


lean-jsx is a library with a custom implementation of JSX that allows your to write React-like components that will be fully processed and converted to pure HTML by the server, returning a stream of HTML without blocking for slow content.

This library takes the best of two worlds: Component-based development of web applications with the performance of pure server-side rendered HTML. Unlike modern JS frameworks, lean-jsx doesn't dynamically render the page contents by default, which means your JavaScript bundles are kept very small, as they mostly include only the JavaScript you write for your business logic.


Small applications to navigate through large collections of CSV files efficiently

Desktop version

CSV Explorer desktop


A minimal page and focus manager for Ratatui and Crossterm (though it supports other backends that Ratatui also supports).

tui-window provides a very minimal setup to allow you quickly build simple, page/page based TUI (Text-Based-User-Interface) applications.


A free, upgraded version of the classic merge-puzzle game 2048, with not intrusive ads and Google Play Store achievements and high-scores.

2048 plus

Built using React Native. Currently under closed beta testing, expected to be released later this year